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A Village to Raise a Child… And a Community to Keep Parents Sane

May 26 @ 3:12 am $

If you’re reading this blog and have children, perhaps you’ve had this epiphany… “My child is brilliant, but not perfect”. If you haven’t had this revelation, then keep on living.

Here is an article titled “African Parenting: A Sane Way to Raise Children” of a mother who recognizes that it takes a village to raise a child… and a community to keep the parents sane. I appreciate the response given with how her childcare provider approaches discipline of children.

She states that if discipline became an issue she “would reason and work things out with [the child] because children do not respond to anger.”

When using a village method of raising a child, one has the ability to ask and receive help from others. Sometimes it is this help that can keep us in good mental health and help using anger as a last resort to discipline when we realize our brilliant children are a little less than “saint status”. I appreciate this Kenyan’s mom viewpoint on “The Village Method”… I hope you do to. Remember: Sharing is caring… please share this and follow me on Google +1.

– The Village Method