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While many people are familiar with the proverb that inspired our name, they'd also agree that it is hard to find an active, engaged, and passionately committed village working to raise our children. Our methodology is collaborative by nature.

To produce results with an Afro-centric approach for youth and families, The Village Method uses a holistic approach that combines:

  • Direct mentorship
  • Family engagement
  • Community connections, and
  • Cultural awareness

We believe in empowering children to succeed by providing a network of support inside and outside of the classroom. As a rapidly growing nonprofit organization, we are intimately involved in addressing the low-levels of engagement and advocacy of underserved youth and families in our region.

Afterschool & Tutoring Enrichment


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Young scholars spend over 10 years in The Village Method and are given services and care that match their individual needs. These programs include:

  • After school enrichment programming
  • Academic-GPS (a college and career pathways program)
  • Young Cultural Ambassadors, and
  • Youth Voice & Leadership

Our team members invests in each child, visiting the family home, meeting with them one on one, and partnering with young scholars to track and support their performance throughout their academic journey.

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“Beyond the Walls”

Over ten years ago, we came to realize that supporting our children could have more impact if we operated beyond the walls of our church. Soon, after working in the schools, we also came to discover that our care for young scholars and their families doesn’t stop within the classroom.
We believe in strengthening their families and encouraging community engagement to help them access all the services they need to be successful contributors to their community.

In order to do this, we needed to simultaneously operate in the after school space as well as beyond the walls in partnership with their families. The First Teachers Collaborative™ is our family engagement initiative focused on developing an active support network of families, keeping them informed of matters that impact their young scholars’ academic journey, and being vocal and visible in the spaces where decisions are made. In order to accomplish this, we must go beyond the walls.