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“It Takes a Village”

May 26 @ 2:37 am $


“It takes a village to raise a child and a community to keep our parents sane”. This is an old and timeless African proverb that still rings true to this very day.  But what is also true is that what works for some does not always work for others.  When it comes to Black communities, the media bombards the masses with images of African American communities saturated in violence, poverty, and unrest.  However, it is quite the contrary.  There are countless African American communities thriving and doing very well socially, academically, and the likes.

This is because these communities have discovered the key to unlocking to a way of life we rarely hear of on the news.  A way that recognizes that Black youths do not require aggressive and negative intervention.  The Village Method is unrelenting in their mission to promote within the Black community:

Academic Excellence
Financial & Economic Literacy
Healthy Living
Cultural Exposure

They have been successful in their efforts due to seeking out and providing multiple avenues to supporting the Black community in a way that is more synergetic, positive, and uplifting than the typical “at-risk” or invention methods.

It is time that we embrace that African proverb and guide our youth down a path of happiness, health, and success using methods that motivate, support, educate, and encourage.  Coming together as a village today for our youth will pave the way for a brighter future for all!

The original sins (i.e. slavery, oppression, segregation, and racism) of America have never died or been completely tucked away.  It has only morphed over the decades into various forms to fit the times, but racism is still a deeply embedded monster haunting black communities down to the very psyche in every corner of this country.  It frequently rears it’s ugly head in housing, education, employment, and the justice system.

But there has been an awakening of sorts, one that is the kryptonite to racism.  It seems as though for as long as anyone could remember, the typical (and currently, racially stereotypical) dream of every young black male was to be a professional athlete.  Scarce were the dreams  and aspirations of becoming doctors, lawyers, politicians, and other fields of academia in the Black community.  While it is true that African Americans excel and dominate in the sports realm, society is seeing a progressive surge in the numbers of young African Americans choosing careers, such as the ones mentioned above.

This is the kind of shift that places African American in positions to make profound historic change whether it be in medicine, law, or education.  The foundation for this success lies in the efforts of organizations like The Village Method.  An organization that is actively creating change through programs within the black community that promote academic excellence, economic and financial literacy, cultural exposure, and healthy lifestyles.  It is programs like these where greatness is birthed within the Black Community and inspires the youth to be more than just a number on a sports roster.