TVM at Electronic Arts
TVM visits the Electronic Arts campus in Redwood City, California

In 2014, TVM developed a partnership with the New Haven Unified School District in Union City and piloted the After-school Enrichment Academy for a cohort of African American Scholars. Our After School Enrichment Academy is a program that provides a safe space for Black youth to celebrate their African ancestral culture, exercise academic excellence, and gain valuable exposure to mentors and new skill sets that expose them to tomorrow’s careers. Our community-based approach equips The Village Method Scholars with lifelong support.

Starting in 6th grade and continuing through high school, The Village Method not only provides after-school programming but also year-round family and community engagement programming--to support at-risk children of African ancestry.

Our after-school programming is provided to each student twice per week for 2 hours each day, focusing on STEM education, financial literacy, writing, and public speaking. We also ensure Scholars' learning plans are personalized to their life situations and match them with mentors for custom academic tutoring plans. Our Scholars benefit from hearing from guest leadership speakers from a variety of local corporate, spiritual, and academic institutions that support our efforts.

TVM travels to Haiti via Youth Cultural Ambassadors Program (YCAP)
TVM travels to Haiti via Youth Cultural Ambassadors Program (YCAP)

The Village Method’s College to Career Pathways Program was created to prepare our high school aged scholars for the decisions they will be making related to their ongoing education and career opportunities.

Through the program, Scholars are armed with a wide variety of tools and resources to help them navigate their high school journey and understand all of the post-high school opportunities available to them. Beginning in the ninth grade, Scholars are given support and a community to encourage them through the graduation process and beyond.

We assist Scholars with personalized college preparation which can include opportunities as Black Youth Senators, exposure to global travel, and meaningful ways to engage in community service.

Expression through step
Creative Expression through step

We believe in our youth having a deep appreciation for the arts and being exposed to the powerful affect artistic expression can have as a way to influence the world.

The Village Method’s custom curriculum was drawn from the Harlem Renaissance, Great Migrations (1910-1970’s), Zora Neal Hurston, Jacob Lawrence, the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, and more.

These programs come to life as community leaders, artists, and activists enable our Scholars to form cross-cultural connections and make their own artistic impact on the world.

TVM Scholars practice public speaking
TVM Scholars practice public speaking often speaking to audiences of 200 or more.

The Youth Voice and Leadership Program is the primary way we prepare Scholars to be engaged leaders and contributors to their communities.

Scholars get a glimpse of college life, and also begin meeting with peers, civic and political leaders, and others from their community who can share with them valuable insights about improving their public speaking, critical thinking, research, and collaborative problem solving skills.

Youth Cultural Ambassadors Program (YCAP)
TVM Scholars visit Haiti as Youth Cultural Ambassadors in partnership with Choose College Educational Foundation

The Village Method’s Youth Cultural Ambassadors Program is hosted through our partnership with Choose College Educational Foundation®, an organization dedicated to changing the lives of young scholars and their parents through global exploration. Scholars learn about how the African Diaspora has spread the culture and reach of Africa throughout the world.

Music, food, dance, art, clothing, and language are explored and celebrated as Scholars gain an appreciation for how our ancestors have influenced the entire world. In addition, the program exposes Scholars to other cultures and relevant current events. Through learning exchanges and meet ups Scholars forge a personal relationship with peers from Ghana, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba.

Scholars participating in TVM Camp G.R.A.C.E.

Over the summer, we work hard and play hard! Camp G.R.A.C.E (Gardening, Robotics, Art, and Cultural Enrichment) are just a few of the ways we spend the hours outside of the classroom.

Many of these projects extend outside of the school year, as we are always looking for opportunities to reinforce our learning methods in various environments.

Through these projects, Scholars get hands-on opportunities to learn teamwork, leadership and celebrate their culture. The moniker Camp G.R.A.C.E. also helps us stay present in the service of others, reinforcing our commitment to the community.

Mom and dad talking at TVM First Teachers Collaborative Meeting
Mom and dad talking at TVM First Teachers Collaborative Meeting

The First Teachers’ Collaborative (FTC) organizes, trains, and activates our parents in their schools and the overall community where they live, pay taxes, and have a right to vote.

Our vision is to see communities with fully equipped First Teachers able to better guide their child throughout their academic journey to college, career, and community readiness.

TVM attends the Black Students of California United annual leadership conference.
TVM attends the Black Students of California United annual leadership conference.

Our work is laser focused on convening Black-led organizations, establishing a consensus of priorities, goals and objectives, and operating collectively to advance our community.

TVM Co-founders, Mahea and Mark Gaskins, interview.
TVM Co-founders, Mahea and Mark Gaskins, interview.

The church remains a major influence within the African American community, led by our faith-based leaders and clergy.

Since The Village Method has its roots in the church, it was a natural addition to engaging Pastors and discussing how to become a collaborative partner in their community efforts. We facilitate these networking opportunities to connect faith leaders who don’t often get to see one another.