“African American communities won’t stand for subpar education.”

- Mahea Gaskins, ScholarPrep Nation

Demystifying the academic journey


Imagine young scholars being prepared, as early as 8th grade, on the fundamentals of the college and career pathways; given tools to organize themselves for the journey; being paired with a skilled navigator to mentor and hold them accountable to tasks; then having an active online community to support them along the way. Technology gives us the ability to engage like never before while infusing Afrocentric culture to enhance our outreach. The game is forever changed.

ScholarPrep Nation invites you to build with us as we launch a new and innovative approach to increasing the number of students eligible to apply to a 4-year college. Here are some of the benefits that members enjoy:

  • Access to an online active and nationwide network
  • On-demand Academic Coaching & Mentorship
  • Expert Advise from Certified Educational Consultants
  • Personalized Scholarship Search & College Essay Support
  • Pairing with a ScholarPrep Navigators (coach)
  • Transcript reviews and academic planning
  • ACT / SAT Test Prep & Tutoring
  • Monthly Webinars & Accountability Meetings
  • And MUCH More...

ScholarPrep Nation takes 8th-12th grade students on an organized pathway from high school to higher learning with its rich, organized multimedia curriculum.

What about your friends? ScholarPrep Nation holds you down with a community of student peers, academic consultants, and parents to make sure the village stays tight.

No team wins without a life-changing coach. Let ScholarPrep Nation's dedicated counselors walk you through your exact step-by-step plan for collegiate success.


Leverage All Our Resources


ScholarPrep Nation is an experiential college preparatory resource designed specifically with the needs of African American students in mind.

In addition to an energetic community and multimedia content on everything from scholarships to course selection, our workbooks and individualized coaching provide hands-on support to help our young people on their pathway to college.


Group Plans & Professional Services Available

Contact us!

Do you represent a school site, district, or a community based organization?

Are you seeking new and innovative ways to engage the Black youth of your school/community? Maybe you already have a thriving college access program but could benefit from the online engagement tools and open network that ScholarPrep Nation provides.

Need help planning and virtual summits? We have an active network of speakers and presenters ready to go.

Contact us: info@scholarprep.org

Courses, Coaches, & Community

About Us

ScholarPrep Nation is a resource designed to meet the unique cultural, emotional, and academic needs of young African Americans and those connected to this experience. This resource, brought to you by The Village Method, an organization guided by the proverb "it takes a village to raise a child". Their approach of family and community bred success is the foundation that the ScholarPrep Nation is built on. Together, we can assure student excellence is a priority.


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College Prep Immersed In The Black Experience

Give your young people the help they need to excel in a community where they will thrive.