The Village Method Works

How are we doing? Just ask the dozens of families and students we support through our many programs. Feedback is one of the ways we keep refining our efforts to ensure we’re giving the best possible outcomes to Black youth in south Alameda County.

All Around Transformational

This program is the first thing in over two years that I had seen my 13 year old son genuinely interested in doing. He came home excited from school after… Read full testimonial “All Around Transformational”

It takes a village

The Village Method (TVM) is dedicated to teaching our children not only how to manage their academic success but how to make good life decisions through knowledge and love for our… Read full testimonial “It takes a village”

Impressed with TVM Leadership

“I volunteered for the better part of a school year with TVM. I was really impressed by the TVM leadership; their continued commitment and drive to have the program succeed… Read full testimonial “Impressed with TVM Leadership”

TVM Can’t Stop

“Can’t tell you how much this community means to us! TVM is great for our son, but it means as much (if not more) to our family. This can’t stop!… Read full testimonial “TVM Can’t Stop”

From being immature to a proud young scholar

7th Grade TVM Scholars

“The Village Method teaches us to be an awesome scholar not just in class but for the whole community. TVM also helps us to turn from being immature to a… Read full testimonial “From being immature to a proud young scholar”

The Village Method is a place for Black people

TVM Scholars

“The Village Method is a place for Black people where we have the freedom to express ourselves, go on field trips, learn about our culture, and practice stepping formations.” —… Read full testimonial “The Village Method is a place for Black people”

The Village Method is a Family

“The Village Method is a family and we are learning about one another so that we can see that we are alike even though we are not related and we… Read full testimonial “The Village Method is a Family”

Informative and Fun Family Night

“Thank you Mark and Mahea for organizing such an informative and fun family night! I loved listening and seeing The Village Method students speak and present to the audience. It… Read full testimonial “Informative and Fun Family Night”

The Village Method is a Beautiful Thing

“Your program is a beautiful thing! I am thoroughly impressed.”  –Father of a Seventh Grade TVM Scholar

The Village Method at Alvarado Middle School

“I really appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Gaskins bring The Village Method to Alvarado Middle School. My daughter is enjoying it immensely!” –Parent of a Sixth Grade TVM Scholar

TVM Gives Hands on Experience

My son’s favorite subjects in school are Math and Science and it’s great that The Village Method includes programs that introduces him to hands on experience. They include coding, trips to UC… Read full testimonial “TVM Gives Hands on Experience”

Have You Been a Part of Our Village?

We want to hear from you! Please drop us a few lines sharing your experience of The Village Method as a student, family member, partner, or volunteer.

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