May 26 @ 1:50 am $

The Village Method and the Pedagogy of Confidence

May 26 @ 1:50 am $

As the beginning of the school year is upon us, all across our country K-12 students will be assessed on a myriad of materials both academically and socially. It is common place for teachers to want to know what their students do and don’t know in order to determine what information will need to be brought forward in the school year. Dr. Yvette Johnson has spent her life’s work is on encouraging educators to start teaching from a place of assets and to first “fall in love with their students”.

So, what is the pedagogy of confidence? In this video Dr. Johnson reveals that her secret to helping young scholars reach their academic potential has to do with starting the year with getting to know the strengths and loves of students first. Once this is done, the process of getting to know the scholar’s underdeveloped areas can be addressed.

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