It Takes a Village to Rebuild A Community & Sustain a People

While working for the Peace Corps, a young African-American woman traveled her usual route from her homestead in Tanzania. She waved as she like she did every day to the women sitting or working outside their homes. But this particular day they called her over and inquired about her family origin, when they finally understood…

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What happens when a child believes in his or herself and becomes a visionary? Their goals, combined with a positive self-identity, become a compass for their future and a barometer for their expectations in life. A child that is pursuing his or her dream needs a community to pave the way with love, encouragement, support and resources. As Frederick Douglass…

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Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick’s Anthem Protest: What’s the message for our children?

The Village Method (TVM) believes in creating spaces of empowerment for Black youth and families. The following blog entry is from one of our young scholar’s parents. TVM believes that when Black families pull together, learn from one another and encourage each other in the hard work of parenting, that our entire community will be…

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Dehumanizing Black Children and Innocence

All children should be considered innocent. And, studies have shown that up until a certain age, most children are, in fact, considered innocent. The problem arises, however, when certain children, children of a specific race, are thought of as less innocent than their age-mates of different races. This situation is seen most profoundly in the…

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A Lack of College Readiness

With the steady rise of racial tensions throughout the country, it’s becoming increasingly important for African-Americans to educate themselves on the issues surrounding these tensions. One of the most overlooked and pivotal issue that African-Americans need to be aware of is the discrepancies in the treatment and thoroughness of the educational experience

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The Village Method and the Pedagogy of Confidence

As the beginning of the school year is upon us, all across our country K-12 students will be assessed on a myriad of materials both academically and socially. It is common place for teachers to want to know what their students do and don’t know in order to determine what information will need to be…

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