Self care, as a community servant, means that paying it forward without the need for any return is a strategy. Use it liberally.

~ Unknown

Sponsors/Donors Welcome

The Village Method works closely with each of our sponsors to tailor programs that match their charitable interests and core business needs. With a proven track record for creating innovative programs and cause-related initiatives, support from corporations is crucial in carrying out The Village Method's work. We gratefully recognize our sponsors for partnering with us to engage young scholars in service and service-learning.

Consider These Sponsorship Opportunities

Sixth Grade TVM Scholars

Sponsor a TVM Scholar

  • Assigned Academic Coach
  • Membership in First Teachers Collaborative
  • Academic-GPS, a college & career pathways program

Sponsor a TVM Scholar

Sponsor TVM Healthy Meals

Healthy Meal Sponsorship
($2.50 per meal/TVM Scholar)

TVM, currently, has seventy-five (75) middle school scholars in our program.

Healthy Meal Sponsorship

TVM Scholars at Netgear

Field Trip Transportation
($2,000 per trip)

Trips to Silicon Valley tech firms, museums, sporting events, etc. give TVM Scholars a competitive advantage during their academic journey!

Field Trip Transportation & Lunch


Young Cultural Ambassador Program
(YCAP) Sponsor a YCAP Scholar

After over a year of preparation and training we took twenty-four (24) people to Haiti in 2018. Your sponsorship covers all travel and lodging expenses for our scholars, chaperones and guides.

Young Cultural Ambassador Program

TVM at Warriors Game

Incentive Program (Sponsorship)

We believe in rewarding hard work by providing incentives to encourage continued progress. With your help, we can expand this work to provide tickets to sporting events, plays, movies, concerts and more. 

Incentive Program (Sponsorship)

Thank You TVM Sponsors